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Whether it’s a Tuscan farmhouse, Sardinian villa or an apartment with views of Lakes, it’s hard to resist Italy. Beautiful properties aside, there's the art, the historical ruins, shimmering lakes and elegant churches with frescoes by Michelangelo and Giotto.

Then there’s the delicious Italian food served on vine-covered terraces, with superb local wines, overlooking rolling green valleys or the deep blue of the sea.

The food is something else we could talk about. The bright red tomatoes bulging out of crates onto the street, the smell of fresh bread wafting from cafès and pasticceria, meals that only require olive oil and salt as seasoning because the ingredients are so fresh.

In Italy life isn’t passed by because people are too busy living it

A vast choice of ancient hill-top towns, medieval cities and characterful farmhouses are now within easy reach thanks to low-cost airlines, and are now more affordable: property prices are still sluggish as the country has been slow to emerge from the global downturn.

Fashionable areas such as Tuscany remain 30 per cent down on the 2008 peak although areas dominated by wealthy Italians – the Lakes, Liguria, Sardinia - have held their value better.

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